One of the first custom polymer figures I worked, outside of schooling, Baby Cthulhu was inspired by the written works of H.P. Lovercarft and the much celebrated elder god of the Lovercraftian Mythos. Baby Cthulhu debuted at a San Diego art show late in August of 2013, since then I have handmade about ten of these guys and painted each based on the clients chosen color scheme.

Currently I am working on an updated version which will be a used as a master for a cast series of Little Monsters.


June 2013


Polymer Clay, Acrylic Paints


The first official monster made specifically for my Little Monsters series, Imp is based on a character I sketched and whom is featured as line art on the first page of this site. As a prototype this version of Imp is about twice the size of the final sculpt and was sculpted with a translucent polymer. This is a WIP and give a more raw example of my process.

I have recently finished a smaller sculpt, which is the size I plan to cast.


October 2015


Polymer Clay


Another WIP monster that fits into my Little Monsters series, Alien is based on a more cartoony take on the standard "Grey Alien", down to the thick gloves and eventual ray guns. Alien was the first prototype made at the true size of the series, and features a very small wire armature.

On this polymer sculpt you can see some of the smoothing and fixes that I added on with a two part epoxy clay. As this was the first small, less than 3 inches in height, polymer sculpt I worked on this guy served as a great lesson. I am currently working on the final master sculpt.


November 2015


Polymer Clay, Wire Armature


This was the second, post school, sculpt I worked on. Mini the Minotaur was designed and sculpted to look more like a cute version of the iconic monster. As the second sculpt I worked on I tried to add a lot more traditional techniques I learned, including adding in musculature, and added details. I also really wanted to make ridiculously oversized horns!

Mini the Minotaur is one of the first polymer sculpts I have worked on that I do not plan to include in my Little Monsters series. Although I am looking to work on more of this style polymer minis.


July 2013


Polymer Clay, Wire Armature, Acrylic Paint, Chain Mail Ring, Tooth Picks