Our Services

Clinical Services

Direct Patient Care

A Different Philosophical Approach to Care

  • Patient Centered, Outcome Driven Treatment.
  • Simply put, our focus is your recovery and we are not invested in how you reach your goals.
When we do treat, we offer short-term goal-directed conservative care. Our recommendations are based on a practical but evidenced-based orientation. We treat neuro-musculo-skeletal conditions that are likely to respond to care.

We have a strong emphasis on promoting independent self-management skills rather than dependency on treatment. Our goal is to enable patients to recover and prevent further episodes while empowering them to self-manage their recovery whenever possible. Treatment recommendations are based on your best interest, not ours.

Our sports and performing arts medicine focuses on your rapid recovery with safe return to function as soon as possible. Patients whose goals are to recover and are willing to collaborate achieve the best results.

We only recommend treatment to our patients when it is clear that we are clear our treatment is your best option.

We educate and promote a patient centered approach were the are choices for treatment are largely driven by you. Advocacy however does not mean blanket approval or being directed to treat but rather we know that not all choices may ultimately be in your best interest. Our responsibility includes a frank discussion on what works best and why. The final decision for care is yours and yours alone. That said we do reserve the right to withdraw from cases where our participation will not produce the best end result.

Other Clinical Services

Second Opinions.

We are frequently called upon to render second opinions on diagnoses and alternative treatment options. Since our goals are based on best patient outcome and not driven by provider-centric treatment you can expect that our recommendations are for your best outcome-not ours.

Third Party or Independent Examinations

We are committed to provide the most objective and unbiased assessments possible. Our examinations are thorough, factual and defensible.

Our analysis is not cookie cutter driven but rather specific to the individual case.

Expert Opinion Services

Education and Training

  • On-Site Training
  • Confrence Faculty, Continuing Education
  • Law Enforcement

Utilization Review

  • Restrospective, Prospective and Concurrent Review
  • Maximum Therapeutic Improvement
  • Medical Necessity

Medical Malpractice

Complex Litigation support

  • RICO, Class Action
  • Civil and Criminal Fraud

Expert Witness and Litigation Consultant Services

  • Comprehensive Case Review, Litigation Support and Expert Testimony

Law Enforcement/Prosecution Consultation Services

Consulting Services to Special Investigation Units, Law Enforcement and Prosecution

We routinely provide focused detailed analysis in support of complex investigations and offer litigation support to both Private and Public sectors for both civil and criminal cases. With our deep experience in over 20 years of analysis our expertise enables us to provide valuable input during the investigative process. Early involvement has consistently resulted in significant reductions in time, effort and reduction of duplicative and often unnecessary work.

Data mining and obtaining the necessary clinical information at the onset greatly reduces time and stress to the team. Early involvement also helps us to focus the issues and defines the specific records and documentation needed. Whether the information is obtained by request, subpoena or search warrant advanced knowledge of the data set helps to identify missing elements frequently encountered. In short, do it once and do it right.

Once records and or data is available our analysis and final work-product is factually based and opinions are supported by relevant sources. Trial preparation and when necessary expert testimony are the natural end-product of our expertise.

Our greatest strength lies in our ability to maintain honesty, objectivity and perspective in contentious and adversarial situations.

Beyond providing support for investigations and prosecution, educational in services are an integral component of our work. It is our mission to explain and teach medical terminology, anatomy, pathology, diagnoses, procedure/diagnosis coding, utilization parameters and medical necessity in an easy to understand format. We take significant pride in our well established track record of quality educational services over the years. We have taught programs to thousands of participants from a lay audience new to health care to seasoned Law Enforcement and Prosecutors throughout the United States.

Insurance Consulting

Consulting Service to the Insurance Industry

In addition to offering expert consulting opinions in for medico-legal proceedings, we offer clinical support for the industry. With over 35 years in the industry and 13 years at a nonprofit Blue Cross plan we offer a deep of understanding to health insurance and property and casualty industry.

Input on medical policy, credentialing, network benefit design are all well within our experience and expertise. On the Utilization Management side we have experience with implementation of clinical guidelines and treatment algorithms for pre-certification and post payment review. In addition to the implementation of pre-cert we have experience in provider relations including contentious and highly politicized issues.

Dr Bowerman has had first hand experience with both RICO and Class Action Litigation and understands the challenges and workload that these challenges bring.